Req: Chords of Dil hai chota sa... from Roja

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    hi all.
    Required the chords of Dil hai chota sa..choti si aasha. from Roja

    thnx n advance
  2. g0g0l

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    See below -VVVV
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    Ok....I am posting the work for you...Sorry for the lyric coz I have forgotten it....
    Check it out and let me know...

    I Stanza
    Dil hey chota sa
    Choti si aasha
    MAsti vari man ki
    Voli si aasha
    Chaand taaro ko
    Chu ne ki aasha
    Aasmano meineeee
    Udne ki aashaaaaaa
    II Stanza
      Mehek jaoo mein
    Aaj to aise
    Phool bagiya mein
    Khilte hai jaise
    Koel ki tarha
    Gane ki aarman
    Titli ki tarhan
    Machlu ye aarman
    Jawani hai rahee
    Rangeen swapna
    You can also try E instead of the Asus2 .......
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  5. g0g0l

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    That's in C scale...Also, there are some Minor chords..Haven't tried that one yet though....Will let you know after trying...But I have tested mine and it sounds OK (I don't hav d track wid me. I posted it guesin' the tune :p:)

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