REQ:chords of 'Bairi Piya' from Devdas

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  1. komal29

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    Someone please take the risk to post the chords for this lovely Aish n Shahrukh starring song..not to forget..this our current 'nightingale',shreya ghoshal's first song n she even got a national award for it..If not Enjoy the lovely song

    Bairi Piya song - Devdas - YouTube
    Komal :)
  2. Yash Deo

    Yash Deo New Member

    The song starts with Am

    Am F Dm Am
    Bairi piyaaa, bada bedardi. X2

    C E
    Dil ka dard na jaane saudayi,

    E Am C
    Harjai zulmi, raam duhaai

    C C
    Kaise kahoon, kaase kahoon haye raam

    Am B
    Dil ka, dard na jaane,

    D G
    na jaane, na jaane,

    G Am
    na jaane jaane jaane haay

    Bairi piya bada bedardi (repeat)

    Will post chords for the antara soon

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