Req. Chords: Ninaivugal thane - Kanden (2010)

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    Another nice find..styled like 80's Power Ballad..

    the intro arpeggio is definitely inspired from Led Zeppelin's 1969 song "Baby Iam Gonna Leave You"

    (C)Ninaivugal (Csus4)tha(C)ne, (G)Ninaivugal (Am)thane..(F)
    (F)Ennai Vazhthuthe, ennai (Em)vizhthuthe..suga(F)maaki sudukira(G)the..
    (G)Ninaivugal (C)thane (G)un Ninaivugal (Am)thane..(F)
    ..En (Dm7)nenjil en(G)drendrum thavalkira(C)the

    (C)Un (Am)punnagayil uyir (E7)sangamam adhu (F)eppadi aana(C)dhu..
    ..un (Am)Kanmaaniye nan (E7)kasaindhu povadhen(F)ge

    (C)Nee (F)endhan (G/B)vana(Am)vil..nan (F)endha (G/B)moola(C)yil..
    ..Unnai (F)thedi (C/E)thedi (Dm)enuyir (C)kasangi (Gsus4)yathe…

    Rest is same except the last line(the chords progression reminds me of pre-chorus of Oasis band's song "Don't Look Back in Anger")
    En (F)nenjil en(Fm)drendrum thavalkir(C)athe
    Chords Used:
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    So nice of you Jimihndrx for giving the chords and the description. You have made everyone's life much easier. Keep posting.......Sathya
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    u r welcome..
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    Amazing chords, Jimihndrx. I just tried this out, it was a pleasure to play along.
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    u r welcome.. anywayz nice song!

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