REQ Chords: Mariyaan - Enge Pone Raasa

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  1. faizaliuk

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    Chords: Mariyaan - Enge Pone Raasa - by jimihndrx

    chords for Mariyaan - Enge pone Raasa.. fell in love with the song straight away, such an amazing composition by ARR.

    Thanks Alot - jimihndrx

    such a quick reply well done ...very hard to play ... indeed
  2. myrules

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    fantastic song! knocked out.. Chords pls, experts....!!
  3. jimihndrx

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    Guitar is played Finger style.


    (Dsus2/A)Enga pona raasa (Dsus2/A)saayangaalam aachu


    (Dsus2/A)Enga pona raasa..(FM7)..(FM7)..(CM7)saayangaalam aa(Gsus2)chu..(Gsus2)
    (Dsus2/A)kanji aari pochu..(FM7)..(FM7)..(CM7)nenju yeri vaa(Gsus2)yen..(Gsus2)

    (A7sus4)Neeyum naa(Dm7)num serntha..(Dm7)..(A7sus4)
    (A7sus4)neeyum naa(Dm7)num serntha..vaanam kon(A7sus4)daadum
    (G)vaanam kon(Dm7)dadum..(F)

    (A7sus4)Neeyum naa(Dm7)num serntha..
    ..vaazhkai varu(A7sus4)maanam..intha (G)vaazhkai varu(Dm7)maanam..(F)

    (Dmadd9)Enna seiya raasa
    (Dmadd9)unmaththam aache
    (Dmadd9)enga pona raasa

    {(Am)Hmm..(Dm7)..(Am)..(F/A)..(G)..(C)}- 2x

    (Am)Kaalam (Dm7)enakkul (Am)uraiyuthu
    (F)kanneer (G)kadalodu (C)kalakkuthu
    (Am)un mugam (Dm7)un udal (Am)theduthu
    (F)yeno (G)yenakenna (C)kedithu

    (Dm7)Enga pona raasa..(Dm7)..(BbM7)..(C)..(F)..
    ..naan (Dm7)enna seiya raasa..(Dm7)..(BbM7)..(C)..(F)

    (Dm7)Enga pona raa(Gm7)sa naan (Dm7)enna seiya raa(C)sa..
    ..en (Fsus4)vayasu (A7sus4)veenaaguthu

    rest is same with slight variations

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  4. rajeshguitar

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    Beautiful song, Faizaliuk. Quick and meticulously decoded chords, Jimi.
    Can you please post the chord reference as well?
    Thank you both,
  5. jimihndrx

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    @Faiz u r welcome..
  6. myrules

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    Jimi you are great.. Thank you so much..
  7. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    u r welcome bro..pls do try it and tell me.
  8. myrules

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    Sure bro.. will try and let you know...
  9. viswasekar

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    Waahh Wahh!

    Thanxxx a ton!!!
    So damn addicted..
    at 1:50 drowning into the song!
    thanks a ton for the chords!
  10. jimihndrx

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    U r welcome dude..
  11. myrules

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    I tried your chords Jimi, it sounds wonderful.. Trying very hard to play this song.. its damn difficult to play:-(

    Experts can someone help, how to play this song?

    Senthil na and suresh sir can you please make a tutorial for this song?

  12. evets007

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    thanksssssssss broooooooooo...awsumm!
  13. evets007

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    hi guys...i m a beginnr, i tried the song.. and added the tab for this one.. just try nd tel me if ther are corrections... thank uu :) :p

    strummng goes this way... 2-4-6 or B-D-e
    (Am)enga pona raasa..(Am)
    (C)saayangaalam aa(G6)chu} -[2 times]

    (Am)kanji aari pochu..(Am)
    (CM7)nenju yeri vaa(G6)yen

    (Asus4)neeyum naa(Dm)num (Dm7)serntha..(Dm)..(Am)

    (Asus4)neeyum naa(Dm)num (Dm7)serntha
    (Dm)vaanam kondaa(Am)dum
    (Gsus4)vaanam konda(Dm7)dum..(F)

    (Asus4)neeyum naa(Dm)num (Dm7)serntha
    (Dm)vaazhkai varu(Am)maanam..
    ..intha (Gsus4)vaazhkai varu(Dm7)maanam..(F)

    (Dsus4)enna seiya raasa
    (Dm7)unmaththam aa(C)che..(Dsus4)
    (Dm)enga pona raasa..(A#)..(Dm7)


    (Am)kaalam (Dm)enakkul (Am)uraiyuthu
    (F)kanneer (G/B)kadalodu (F)kalakkuthu
    (Am)un mugam (Dm)un udal (Am)theduthu
    (FM7)yeno (G/B)yenakenna (Csus4)kedithu

    (Dm)enga pona raasa..(A#7)..(Am)
    (F)naan (Dm)enna seiya raasa..(A#)..(C)..(F)

    (Dm)enga pona raa(Gm)sa naan enna seiya (A#)raa(C)sa
    en (FM7)vayasu veenaa(Asus4)guthu
    rest is same
    chorrds reference :
    jimihndrx(Guitar Hero)
  14. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    u r welcome dude..
  15. cibhin

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    Does Enga pona rasa required 2 guitars to carry along with the actual guitar part..? I am twisting my head right now..! I hear a lot of music.! I am not that expert with picking up notes, so please do help me.! Thanks in advance
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