Req chords: Kuru Kuru - Vathikuchi (2013)

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    This song is too fast to be played on guitar.. phew! I was pulling my hair out while doing this:confused:
    Intro 1- (Em)..(C)..(G/B)..(D)..(Em)..(C)..(D)
    Intro 2- {(Em)..(C)..(G)..(D)..(Em)..(C)..(G)..(D)}-[2 times]

    (D)Kuru (Em)kuru (C)kan(G)na(D)le..Kaa(Em)thalai (C)son(G)na(D)le..
    ..siru (Em)siru (C)sol(G)la(D)le..Sira(Em)gugal (C)than(G)tha(D)le

    (Em)sutrummutrum (C)parthuvittu (G)sirika thonu(D)dhe
    (Em)sathampootu kuthika (C)thonu(G)dhe..(D)
    (Em)satrumunbu (C)kedaitha paadal (G)paada thonu(D)dhe
    (Gbar)vetkamindri (A#)Aada thonu(Em)dhe
    kuru Kuru part repeat

    Interlude-{(Em)..(G)..(Am)..(D)..(C)..(Em)}-[ 2 times]

    (Em)Inbamillamal (B7)thunbamillamal (Am)nenjiloru baaram
    (D)thalineeti (C)paar(Em)kum
    (Em)ingu eppothe (B7)venumendu neeendru
    (C)entha eravu (Bm)vilayatu (D)kaa(Em)tum

    (Em)Unperkae(C)taal (D)en paerai nee solla(A)vandum
    (C)Uurepaar(Am)ka (C)unnodu (D)nan sella(G)vendu(D)may..(Bm)..(D)

    (D)un(Em)jala(D#)didum (C)edamvalam (Em)ullamadi unnaikeku(A)me
    rest of the song is same
    chords used:
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  3. SATHYA167

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    It is too difficult to move the chords in between the words.... You are too good in spotting the changes.... Sathya
  4. vs.suresh

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    Some songs may not fit to sing along with Guitar.... Anyhow will try it out...

    Thanks dude...
  5. jimihndrx

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    am not a pro.. these chords may not be accurate.. Do try it and tell me.
  6. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    U are right Suresh.. N ur welcome
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    My friend, JimiHndrx,
    I tried this out, pretty difficult to transition chords, I did not realize this when I requested.
    But what a wonderful transcription. Thank you!
    I wanted to clarify on a few places:
    1) Intro 1- (Em)..(C)..(G/B)..(D)..(Em)..(C)..(D)
    Is it Intro 1- (Em)..(C)..(G/B)..(D)..(Em)..(C)..(G) (D)

    2) In this line, I am unsure (I could be wrong) about the A#
    (Gbar)vetkamindri (A#)Aada thonu(Em)dhe

    3) Also unsure about the B7 on this line (again just my doubt, you could be absolutely correct)
    (Em)Inbamillamal (B7)thunbamillamal (Am)nenjiloru baaram

    Excellent work, thank you!
  8. jimihndrx

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    yes intro remains same as I mentioned.. I was hearing B7 & Bb chord(can't help!) some expert guidance can be sought from Senthil and Roentgen for correction.
    Yes i may be wrong at some places..But it was matching with the vocals at that point.
    And i also think that there was Esus4 chord at some places instead of Em(not sure though).
  9. rajeshguitar

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    Thank you so much, JimiHndrx. Appreciate your time and effort helping out, investigating this further.
  10. jimihndrx

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    u r welcome

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