REQ : Chords for the song google Google from tuppaki

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    Friends, Experts,

    Can you please verify this for me, post your versions for this hit song?

    Chords: Dm7b5 – xx01111 AbM7 – xx5544

    (Cm7) Google Google Panniparthaen (Eb) Ulagathu (Gm7) la
    (Cm7) Ivan Pola Oru Kirukkanum (Eb) Poranthathil (Gm7) la
    (Cm7) Yahoo Yahoo Panniparthum (Eb) Ivanapo (Gm7) la
    (Cm7) Entha Grahathillum Inoruthan (Eb) Kedaikavi (Gm7) lla

    Naa (Eb) Dating Kaeta (Dm7b5)
    Watch’cha Parthu (AbM7) Ok Sonaa (Gm) nae
    (Eb) Shopping Kaeta (Dm7b5) E-Bay.Com
    (AbM7) Kootti Ponaa (Gm) nae
    (Eb) Movie Kaetaen (Dm7b5) Youtube
    Pottu (AbM7) Popcorn Thantha (Gm) nae

    (Eb) Paavama (Dm7b5) Nikkiraan
    (AbM7) Oorayae(Gm) Vikkiraan
    (Gm7) Meet My (Gm7) Meet My (Eb) Boy (Cm7) Friend
    (Gm7) My Smart (Gm7) And ***y (Eb) Boy (Cm7) Friend

  3. jimihndrx

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    Nice attempt Rajesh and gud work!
    This song is very much structured like PSY's global hit 'Gangnam Style' and also seems little bit inspired from Rahman's song 'Naina Mile' from the movie 'Robot'.
    Here's my version(improvised):
    (Cm)Google Google Panniparthaen (D#)Ulagathu (A#)la
    (Cm)Ivan Pola Inga Innoruthi (D#)Poranthathil (A#)la
    (Cm)Yahoo Yahoo Panniparthum (D#)Ivanapo (A#)la
    (Cm)Entha Grahathillum Inoruthi (D#)Kedaikavi (A#)lla

    Iva (Cm)Dating Kaaga Dinner Pona (G#)Starter Naantha(Gm)nae
    (Cm)Shopping Poga Kootti Pona (G#)Trolley Naantha(Gm)nae
    (Cm)Movie Pona soga sceneil (G#)Kerchief Naantha(A#)nae

    (G#)Paakathaan Ipadi (Gm)Aaluthaan appa(A#)di

    (Cm)Meet My Meet My Girl Friend..(G#)..(Gbar)
    (Cm)My hot n' spicy Girl Friend..(Fm)..(A#)
    (Cm)Meet My Meet My Girl Friend..(G#)..(Gbar)
    (Cm)My hot n' spicy Girl Friend..(Fm)..(A#)
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    Jimi do u read ppl mind? or u have all the chords for all the songs? how instantly u r able to reply ?
  5. jimihndrx

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    hehehe:) nothin' like that Pearl..I prepared it yesterday as Rajesh PM'd me to check it out and today i posted it.
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    Thanks Jimi for your version. The chords formation seem to be simple. Thanks Rajesh for your efforts in putting your version. Good work and keep things up...........with more postings............ Sathya
  7. rajeshguitar

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    Thanks Jimi, I'll try it out and let know. Thanks Sathya for the comments.
  8. vs.suresh

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    Nice effort Rajesh.... Thanks Jimi for the corrections...

    Keep posting...
  9. jimihndrx

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    @sathya u r welcome!
  10. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    @suresh u r welcome.
  11. rajeshguitar

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    Jimi, I tried this out and it sounds very nice. You are right, this song appears to have some similarities with the ones you mentioned. I did not realize that at all.
    Thank you for the comments, Suresh.
  12. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    u r welcome!

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