REQ: Chords for 'Tere Khayalon main Hum' from Geet Gaaya Patharon Ne' [1964]

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    Kindly post the chords for this timeless classic by Ashaji from one of the best movies of all time 'Geet Gaaya Patharon Ne' by V.Shantaram.if not enjoy a legendary music

    Can any music in the world be better than this? It seems the music director's name is Ramlal..I had never even bothered to know the music director's name even though have loved the song ever since i heard it first when i was in class 7th.All the while thought it must be O.P.Nayyar Sahab.Dont know why we dont include this person in legend's name.Even google doesnt provide much info..Just listen to the tune..goosebumps!!
    Ramlal Choudhry | Music Directors | Music Composers

    Songs of lesser known music composers (Page 3) | 394930 just roll down to see the sad story of the music director

    Few words about the awsome choreography to draw attention towards it.Compare it to the cheap stuff that is churned out these days,where only skimpy clothes and dancing like you are high is considered choreograpy..Whoever concieved this idea is a genius!!

    Komal :)

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