REQ: Chords for "Rafta Rafta Haule Haule" from Hulchul

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    Kindly post the chords for this beautiful duet! makes my heart sway..<3<3..if not enjoy the music
    Hulchul - Rafta Rafta - YouTube

    This is one song groovy song..n sujata mohan's voice is so lovely n 'teenage' sounding..cant believe she is in her late 40's [her another best is tamil song netru illada matram from pudiya mukham]..our udit narayan as usual best!! by vidyasagar is awsome..i remember hearing this same song in tamil in movie 'dhool' as 'aasai aasai' in sujatha mohan and shankar mahadevan's voice with our chiyan vikram n lovely jyotika gyrating in loveliest of the sarees! watch n enjoy a lovely music
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    Yes, the original song was in Tamil, thankfully by the same music director, Vidyasagar.
    Aasai Aasai - Dhool - YouTube
    Charanam is different to the Tamil version though.

    Rafta Rafta hole hole dil ko churaya tumne
    dil ko to pata bhi na chala
    chori chori chupke chupke jadoo jagaya tumne
    dil ko to pata bhi chala

    (Em)kabhi ha kabhi naa hum (D)karte rahe
    (Em)ke aahe bhi (D)bharte rahe
    (Em)te dekha(D)te ye (Bm)kya ho ga(Em)ya

    Na na (Em)na na na na na na na
    (D)na na na na na na na na na
    (C)na na na na na na na na na

    Raaton (B7)main ab (Em)tera (B7)sapna
    (A)aata (Em)hai.....(B)....
    (Em)ek ang(B7)dai (Em)ek be(B7)chaini
    (A)jaata (Em)hai.....(B)......
    teri (B)aankhon ka main dee(E)wana hoon
    tere (B)hothon ka main pai(E)mana hu
    (D)tu ye jaane (G)na.(B)

    Rajesh :music:
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    *literally jumps with joy*
    omg omg omg..thanks thanks thanks rajesh as always

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