[REQ] Chords for Paal Nilavu Kaaindathe, Paar Muludum Oyindathe - Yaaro Azhaikirarkal

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  1. Jesse Marx

    Jesse Marx New Member

    I'm looking for chords for the song Paal Nilavu Kaaindathe from Yarro Azhaikirarkal movie. It is beautifully sung by Jayachandran.
  2. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    WoW... Nice song.... interesting... Will try it out Jesse...
  3. Jesse Marx

    Jesse Marx New Member

    Thank you suresh, I am awaiting...
    This is one of the finest song ever composed in the thamizh music industrial as well as the song is still stand out from the crowd because its simply complex Drumming, Superb acoustical performance and the composing take this song always memorable and unforgettable and also beautifully written lyrics and the voice of Jayachandran gave a real soul of the song. I am awaiting.....

    Thank you
    Jesse Marx
  4. djadamz

    djadamz New Member

    boss can get kaho na pyar hai from movie ka hona pyar hai..kritick roshan chords western chords please
  5. Jesse Marx

    Jesse Marx New Member

    Hi Suresh,
    I am supposed to find the song goes in [Dm], I can play chords but I am not so good in finding chords. Please if would you mind check this out for me...

    Thank you
    Jesse Marx

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