Req: Chords for Mudhal Naal Indru Song from the movie Unnale Unnale

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    HJ has always been my Fav'rite MD from South along with YSR & GVP
    Really loved the [(F)..(Fm)..(C)] progression in the song.. a Beatles kind of progression. So here we go..


    Male Lead:
    Mudhal naal (C)indru
    (Csus4)yethuvo (C)ondru..(Csus4)
    ..Vae(Em)raaga unnai maatre(C)llam..
    ..An(Em)gangu anal etra(C)laam..

    Female Lead:
    ..Yen (Am)ullam paadu (Am7)kindre(G)thu..
    ..Yaar (Am)solli katru kondtha(G)thu..
    ..Nill (Fadd9)yendral, (G)satendru, nir(Am)kaathamaa..
    ..Naan (Fadd9)yenna (G)sonalum kaet(Am)kaathamaa..
    (Am)Oho Jaane (Gsus4)Jaan..(Gbar)..

    Male Lead:
    ..Mudhal (F)naal (Dm)in(C)dru..yethuvo (Dm)on(C)dru
    ..Vae(Em)raaga unnai maatre(C)llam
    ..An(Em)gangu anal etra(C)laam

    Female Lead:
    Thisai thoorum (Csus4)kuru kindra onmai
    (C)Kulirpole (Csus4)kadhal megam menmai
    (F)Theenduvaiyil..(Fm)thithikaatho (C)soll ullam..(Dm)..(G7)..(C)

    Male Lead:
    Muzhuthaaka (Csus4)mulgiyathum illai
    (Am)Mullgaamal (Em)mithanthathum illai
    (F)Kadhal varam..(Fm)elunthavar kaa(C)num yennai..(Dm)..(G)..(C)

    ..Woah (F)hoo (C)woah (Dm)woah..(C)woah
    (C)Vegu (F)thoo(C)ram, (Dm)vann(C)thaen
    (F)Kadhal..(Fm)kiru migal nerun(C)gaamal..(Dm)..(C)
    rest is same
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    At last a song not starting in HJ's usual A Minor. Thanks Jimi........ Sathya
  4. vs.suresh

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    Thanks a lot Jimi... Looks nice... Will try it out and let you know...
  5. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Hi Jimi... I tried your chords and really it sounds good... in some places difficult to play...

    Thanks a lot...

    Keep posting...
  6. jimihndrx

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    U r welcome Sathya..
  7. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Thanks Suresh..
  8. rajeshguitar

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    Nice song, Suresh and beautiful chords Jimihndrx. Enjoyed playing the chords.
    Thank you
  9. jimihndrx

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    Thanks Rajesh..

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