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  1. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi guys,
    lately i have seen that people here are interested more for band no's.
    that is good but we also have many oldies which are unforgettable and uncomparable.
    so this is my request to this group that if somebody have chords of oldies then post it to this group and i request personally to the group to come up with more oldies in the near future also.

  2. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    thank God, theres at least somone who shares the same opinion with me!! i swear, to God that many of the oldies are simply evergreen...unfortunately, there are very few posts that give the chords for such evergreen stuff!!

    Lets come up with something, ppl, oldies are indeed goldies!!
  3. tiras

    tiras New Member

    I would to point out a few things-
    1. Most oldies are not guitar based songs, and i think you have noticed this is a 'guitar' forum.
    2. I agree some 'oldies' are golden , but I find it great that so many ppl are interested in 'band' music. Atleast there is something progressive happening !

    People being fanatics about 'oldies' has adversely affected the development of music with new ideas in West Bengal.
    Just compare what new music has happened WB in the last 30 years compared to Bangladesh...almost nothing.

    I am shocked to see stalwarts like Manna Dey trashing band music. I respect him but hearing this i gotta say 'sorry dude u r old'.

    So please give change a by buying some CDs , attend some college fests..etc
  4. muhit

    muhit New Member

    Dude, i think its funny when you say "most oldies are not guitar based". you can play any songs with guitar, keyboard or any other instrument. i think guitar or any other instrument follows the music itself, not the other way around. i have heard amazing robindro songit with guitars. secondly a guitar forum does not necessarily forbid anyone to try non guitar based songs(according to ur definition) with guitar. i think a guitar forum will try to promote guitar with any kind of music. Rock n roll, band music is newer trend in music, doesnt mean all of them r progressive. i always support change but it doesnt mean u have to let go ur past in order to embrace the present or even future ? do u ? Some really cool compositions are happening ....i agree. but many of them r trash....u hardly understand what they r trying to mean. Lastly, music doesnt have any language or time. A true musician, as long as he loves music, will appreciate any good composition of any time and age. and not to forget, Different ppl have different taste ........
  5. kinkar23

    kinkar23 New Member

    hey people!! i guess things rn't going the way they should....nobody is against band music or develpment of bengali music or anything. i feel, the type of music one listens too is more of a personal choice, and individual tastes and preferences should be respected, don't u agree??

    moreover, i have a feeling that the guitar is an extremely unique instrument, not only because of its simplicitic design but also because the sound produced by it makes almost any music sound melodious!! moreover, with the guitar, the lines of differences between the different types of music, etc, seem to get thinner and thinner...

    so lets remain harmonious and encourage the develpoment of the modern bengali music, but at the same time, not show the oldies the door!! lets remember, today is our day so lets make the most of it...

    hope that people won't misunderstand me!!

    keep the good work going!!

  6. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi people,
    from where could you infer from my post that i hate band music or dislike bands. infact i am a diehard fan of bands like mohiner ghoraguli, cactus etc.
    what i was trying to say was requesting people and group to come up with more oldies. being a "probasi bangali" i don't have the priviledge to go to college fests to hear band no's but i do have a fair share of exposure thrugh MP3's but my friend believe me, those awful oldies have much more than amazing lyrics and mind-boggling music. try "ogo megh tumi ure jao kon thikanay" sung by hemanta or "kon se aalor sopno niye" by aarti bandopadhyay on guitar, you will find as if there is an instant release of negative energy from your body. this is the beauty of oldies. correct guitar chords accompanied as rhytum prooves to be a better tranquiliser than sleeping pills.
    friend what we need is to blend present enthusiasm with past experiences, i assure you the outcome would be something beyond our imagination.

  7. tiras

    tiras New Member

    'awful' or 'awesome'? ;)
  8. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    i am sorry it's awesome.
    thanks for bringing this to my notice.
    animosity apart, let us get back to work.

  9. hendrix_86

    hendrix_86 New Member

    oldies r great................i think song by lucky and happy akhond r great.....they have a few legendary songs like ABAR ELO JE SHONDHA, SRABONER MEGHGULO etc etc!!!
    they r wonderful!!!!

    these days i'm listening 2 oldies mostly.........BEATLES too were great....they have a few very melodious HEY JUDE, AND I LOVE HER, I WANNA HOLD YOR HAND, SHE LOVES U etc.

    OLD IS GOLD man!!!
  10. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Old vs. New

    And the argument continues......its sad to have arguments like this.Different moods have different tastes..thats what i think of music.Yes,you can play any song at any instrument.Sometimes it differs.....How?.... Suppose you are being asked to play "Oli ro kotha shune bokul hashe" by Hemanta Mukherjee on Spanish 6 string electric..i dont think it will taste good! Rather if its being played on Synth or in violin/flute it will sound much better.....Why?.....The notes of this type of songs sustains a lot more than Rock playing those on Guitars wont sound good enough (even if you use the best processor !!)...but there's certainly no tug of war that it cant be played on Guitar..but that needs utmost playing!
    Old classical songs followed perfect progressions (Whether Hindi/Bengali).But today most of the songs doesn't quite follow the progressions much as before. Therefore,music has become experimental.It will improve by this-thats right,but it needs time also.
    To me,if music means "Melody of Life"......then.....playing that tune on your instrument perfectly is just "Melody of Heart"!! So, we must go on playing without the argument that whether old is better or not than the new one's.
    Finally,Its your instrument,its your choice,its your life,Its your passion towards the play your lovable tune on your instrument.

    Basically Iam a Drummer.I was learning drums when i was at school in class 4.When i was in class 7,i got a degree in drums.I was very happy! While coming down the stairways...i was singing on my own..when i suddenly stopped because a girl (age-12 then !!)...was palying the tune of "Love Story" by Francis Lai.I was amazed to listen to her tune & playing.I stopped there & listened more of that girl.Then I returned home & asked my father whether i can shift from Drums to Guitar or not...And my Guitar carrier started that way.....Now what i want to say your instrument a lot forever..respect the instrument & the music you are playing (as it is a work of someone who has given his/her best to compose it!)...AND MOSTLY PLAY THE TUNE WHICH YOUR HEART WILL WISH FOR !!!!

    Finally..Iam giving commitment that i will post some oldies which everyone will like and have never posted before here....

    Note : The Girl I mentioned here..became my first Girlfriend..her name was Satarupa...Infact she was my teacher (First one) of Guitar!!

    With Warm Regards,
    Arindam Ray [VSNL].
  11. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    interesting comments.

  12. Arindam.Ray

    Arindam.Ray Undertaker

    Dear Souman....have i made my point clear ? or do i need more expression ?
  13. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    no my dear friend,i always said you are among the best in igt.
    keep the good work coming as you said.


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