REQ: chords for Kuch na kaho

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  1. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    hi people, can someone give me the chords for the song kuch na kaho from the film 1942 A LOVE STORY?
    its truly an amazing song
  2. Loverboy

    Loverboy New Member

    can you please rite me the lyrics of this song, dont know exactly. please i got the chords bu i just play with humming, so kindly give me the lyrics. thanks.
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  3. atulansaha

    atulansaha New Member

    hi loverboy,
    somehow, i didn't like the tone in ur sounded like u weren't going to share the precious chords that u think only u have, if someone didn;t give u the lyrics...

    i say, that u could have posted the chords anyway, and the lyrics would have also followed suit...i don't think any trade agreemenet was required for the purpose!!

    in any case, may i inform u that i have almost figured out the chords myself...just the last para is the meanwhile u can continue humming and i will post the song with thechords and lyrics...

    thnx for ur reply, coz otherwise, i don't think i would have bothered to try to sharpen my skills at music!!

  4. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

  5. strings

    strings New Member

    the intro chords are

    A# G# Gm f

    kuch naa kaho
    kuch bhi naa kaho
    kya kehna hai
    kya sunna hai
    samay ka ye pal
    thumsa gaya hai
    a# d#
    aur is pal mein
    koi nahi hai
    g# gm
    bus ek mein hun
    bus ek tum ho
    a# d#

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