Req: Chords for Kadhi Saanz veli mala aathuni

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  1. gk123

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    Hey Friends!

    Nothinf is happening on this post now. Sourabh, Chimu, God Bless Me, where are you friends?

    Badly req. chords for milind ingle's above song!
  2. chimu

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    Kadhi sanjaveli mala aathavuni
    B C# B C# F# B
    tujhya bhovatali jarashi valuni pahashil ka pahashil ka pahashil ka ?

    B D# B
    tujha dur yethe uthu de shahara
    B E B C# F# B
    shariravaruni jasa gar vara vahashil ka vahashil ka vahashil ka?

    B E
    rite sur aata ithye ya urashi
    E B B C# F# B
    jara sobatila manachya talashi rahashil ka rahashil ka rahashil ka?

    B D# B
    tujhya aathavana ithe sahato mi
    B E B C# F# B
    tula sahato mi tashi tu malahi sahashil ka sahashil ka sahashil ka?
  3. chimu

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    How do I get proper spacing between chords? I just cant seem to retain the spaces :annoyed:
  4. gk123

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    Yaar many thanks!

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