Req. chords for Kaatru veesum - Neram (2013)

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  1. rajeshguitar

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    Friends & Experts,

    Can one of you please post the chords for this song?

    Song can be found here:
    Neram Songs - Neram Tamil Movie Songs - Tamil Songs Lyrics Trailer Videos, Preview Stills Reviews


    Kaatru Veesum Un Vaasam
    Kaaichal Vanthathu Yeno
    Vaanam Engengum Eeram
    Saaral Vanthatheno

    Nee En Nenjil Peiyum Mazhai Pola Maayamo
    Naan Mithakkiran Parakkiren Sirikkiren Anbe

    Kaatru Veesum Un Vaasam
    Kaaichal Vanthathu Yeno
    Vaanam Engengum Eeram
    Saaral Vanthatheno

    Nee Nadanthu Sellum Paadhaiyil
    En Kangal Ennai Vittu Unnai Sutrudhe
    Nee Pesum Azhagai Ketkaiyil
    Konji Pesum Mazhaiyin Azhagum Thottru Ponathe

    Engeyum Neeyadi..Poguthe Uyiradi
    Vaazhgiren..Saagiren..Ithenna Maayamo

  2. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    This song seems to be simple but it is not..It's a tricky one.


    Kaatru (G)Veesum Un (Am)Vaa(Em)sam
    (Am)Kaai(G)chal Vanthathu (Am)Yeno..(Em)

    (Am)Vaanam (G)Engengum (Am)Ee(Em)ram
    (Am)Saa(G)ral Vanthath(Am)eno..(Em)

    (Am)Nee (Am7)En Nen(Gsus2)jil (G)Peiyum (D7sus4)Mazhai (Dm7)Pola (C)Maa(Em)yamo
    (Am)Naan (Am7)Mithakki(Gsus2)ran (G)Parakki(D7sus4)ren (Dm7)Sirikki(C)ren (Em)Anbe

    Kaatru Veesum part repeat

    (Em)Neena (G6add9)danthu (Am)Sellum (G)Paadhai(Gsus2)yil..
    ..En (F)Kangal (Am)Ennai (Em)Vittu (E7sus4)Unnai Sutru(G6)dhe..(G)..
    ..Nee (Am)Pesum (G6add9)Azhagai (G)Ketkai(Gsus2)yil..
    ..Konji (F)Pesum (Am)Mazhaiyin (Em)Azhagum (E7sus4)Thottru Pona(G6)the..(G)

    (G11b9)Enge(Am)yum (A7sus4)Neeya(G)di..(C)Pogu(F)the (FM7)Uyira(Em7)di
    (G11b9)Vaazhgi(Am)ren..(C6)Saagi(G)ren..(F)Ithenna (FM7)Maaya(Em)mo..(Em7)Ho..
  3. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks Jimi for the chords. I have not heard this song. On seeing this itself, it looks too difficult - to change the chord frequently and that too to unfamiliar or not generally used finger positions. One has to try first the fingering positions for each of these chords, practice and then come to the song. Really needs a lot of patience and interest first.

    Your work is simply amazing. Keep it up.......... Sathya
  4. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Thankyou so much Sathya!
    try the chords and do tell me any corrections will be sincerly appreciated.
  5. vs.suresh

    vs.suresh New Member

    Yes... Usually for playing 7th, 9th, 6th and sus chords need more practices. During my early stages I used to avoid these painful chords (i mean for playing) and play simple chords. But later stages I realize and started practicing all these type of chords to get the real taste & flavor of the song....

    Thanks Jimi for posting the chords..

    Keep posting...
  6. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    U r welcome Suresh..I too avoided these chords when i started.
    But as u said these chords are frequently used by composers to give color & mood to the song.
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    To be frank I need to look for fingering position of few chords like G11b9. I am not very comfortable with open chords. Getting these in barre pattern might be challenging..... sathya
  8. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Easy in transition to Amin.
  9. rajeshguitar

    rajeshguitar New Member

    Hi Jimi,
    Thank you so much. I did not realize that this was a tricky song.
    I have not heard of some of these chords you transcribed.
    But, they add so well to the flavor of the song.
    Pretty tough to make these transitions so quickly, but the chords sound so good.
    Here is the chords for the benefit of others:
    Gsus2 – x00233
    D7sus4 - xx0213 (or) x66633
    E7sus4 – 002230
    G6 – 320000
    G6add9 - x22233 G11b9 - 320111
    A7sus4 - x00033
    C6 – x32210

    Also, I tool the liberty to simplify the transcription for most of the beginners/intermediates, please try and let know if it sounds good:

    (Am)Kaatru (G)Veesum Un (Am)Vaa(Em)sam
    (Am)Kaai(G)chal Vanthathu (Am)Yeno..(Em)

    (Am)Vaanam (G)Engengum (Am)Ee(Em)ram
    (Am)Saa(G)ral Vanthath(Am)eno..(Em)

    (Am)Nee (Am7)En Nen(G)jil Peiyum Mazhai (Dm7)Pola (C)Maa(Em)yamo
    (Am)Naan (Am7)Mithakki(G)ran Parakkiren (Dm7)Sirikki(C)ren (Em)Anbe

    (Em)Neena (G)danthu (Am)Sellum (G)Paadhai(Em)yil..
    ..En (F)Kangal (Am)Ennai (Em)Vittu Unnai Sutru(G)dhe....
    ..Nee (Am)Pesum (G)Azhagai (Am)Ketkai(Em)yil..
    ..Konji (F)Pesum (Am)Mazhaiyin (Em)Azhagum Thottru Pona(G)the..

    (G)Enge(Am)yum (Em)Neeya(G)di..(C)Pogu(F)the (FM7)Uyira(Em7)di
    (G)Vaazhgi(Am)ren..(C)Saagi(G)ren..(F)Ithenna (FM7)Maaya(Em)mo..(Em7)Ho..

  10. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    U r welcome Rajesh.Yes ur transcribed version will be easier to play..thanks for it.
  11. bujibhuvana

    bujibhuvana New Member

    can u post the tabs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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