Req: Chords for Hum Tum (Title Song)

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  1. Music4eva

    Music4eva New Member

    Hi Fellas,

    I really love the Title song from Hum Tum. Could you guys help me out in finding the Chords.

  2. Loverboy

    Loverboy New Member

    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    sanso ko , sanson main , dhalne do , zara.
    A6/9 A6/9 A Em
    dheeme si , dhadken ko , badne do , zara.
    G C
    lamhon ki gu, zarish hai ye.
    F#m A
    paas aa ja , ,yen.
    Bm G G A
    hum---- hum-- tum--
    Bm G G A (Em)-once
    tum-- hum-- tum-----
    A6/9 A6/9 A em
    aankho main , hamko ,utarne do , zara
    A 6/9 A6/9 A em,
    baanhon main, hamko ,pigahlne do, zara
    G C
    lamhon ki gu, zarish hai ye
    F#m A
    paas aa ja, yen
    Bm G G A
    hum -- hum-- tum
    Bm G G A (Em)-one time
    tum --hum-- tum----
    sanson ko---

    G Bm G Bm
    salvaten, kahain ,karvatain ,kahain.
    A-----------------------------------A. (Bm)
    phail jaye kaajel bhi teraa-aa--ooo-
    G Bm G Bm
    nazron main , ho ,gujerta, hua
    A A A (Em) --ONCE
    khwabon kaa koi kafila--aa---

    jismon ko roohon ko jalne do jera-----so on

    these are not mine, it was already on the site. u cud have searched it urself. never mind. check it ouy next time onwards. enjoying playing. hey can u tell me the rhythm of this song??
    love :rock:
  3. Music4eva

    Music4eva New Member

    Thanks Dude

    That was fast. Next time I'll got through all the posts and search before i post a request.

    Thanks anyway.

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