REQ:Chords for 'Ennai Kaanavillaiye' from Kadhal Desam

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    Very interesting chords, as usual for an ARR masterpiece. Here goes my take. Still not sure of some of them though.

    Ennai Kaanavillaye Netrodu... (Am)
    Anbe... (Dm) ee (E) ee....
    Naan Nizhal Illadhavan... (Am)
    Anbe (Dm6), (Dm) (Em)

    (E7) Nadaipodum poongatre poon (E aug) gatre...
    (Em7) Va vaa... yen (Dm) Vaasal vaa.. (E)..
    (Am) Vandhaal... Vaazh (G) vene naan (F)....

    (Ddim7) Aagaramillamal (Am) Naan vaazhakoodum
    (Ddim7) Anbe un perai (E)chindi (Am)thaal...
    (Ddim7) Theekuchi illamal (Am) Theemoota thoondum
    (Ddim7) Kanne nam kangal sandhi (Am) thaal...

    (Dm6) Naan endru sonnale (Am) Naan alla nee dhan..
    (Dm6) Nee indri vaazhndhaale (Am) Neer kooda thee dhan..
    (Ddim7) Un swaasa kaatril vaazhven (E7) naan....

    II BGM:

    (After initial mandolin)

    (Am) ... (G) ... (Am) (G) (F)

    Any corrections would be welcome!
  3. komal29

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    Hey! first and foremost thanks a lot for the initiative.Am glad someone else other than roentgen wanted to post chords as he is the one who always responds to all my requests.
    About the chords..they sound wonderful..

    Komal :)
  4. WatchingYou

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    Haha, well this is the first song for which I'm posting chords on here. I'm pretty new to the forums. Glad they sound good :)
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    @WatchingYou - I can hear it slightly differently.
    Plenty of diminished chords used.
    Ddim7, Fdim7, G#dim7 and Bdim7 are made up of the same notes. Just the bass note varies.

    Enai (Am)kaanavillaiyae naetroadu
    engum thaedip paarkkiraen kaatroadu
    Uyir oadi poanadhoa unnoadu
    Anbae.. (Fdim7)aeae.....
    Naan (Am)nizhalillaadhavan theriyaadha
    En nizhalum neeyenap puriyaadha
    Udal nizhalaich chaeravae mudiyaadha

    (Ddim7)Nadai poadum poongaatrae poon(G#dim7)gaatraee(Am)eeee
    (G)Vaa vaa...
    En (F)vaasaldhaa(Em)aan...
    Vazh(G)vaenae naaa(F)aan

    (Fdim7)Aagaaram illaamal (Am)naan vaazhak koodum
    (Bdim7)Anbae un paeraich (G#aug)sindhi(Am)thal
    (Fdim7)Theek kuchchi illaamal (Am)thee moottak koodum
    (Bdim)Kannae nam kangal sandhith(Am)thaal

    (Bdim7)Naan enru sonnaalae (Am)naan alla needhaan
    (G#dim7)Nee inri vaazhndhaalae (Am)neerkoodath theedhaan
    (G#dim7)Un svaasak kaatril vaazhvaen (none)naa....aan

    Rajesh :music:
  6. WatchingYou

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    Ahh. So that was what was confusing me so much! I understand :) I kept thinking I was hearing different chords, but they were still having the same feel to them. I was wrong about all the Dm6s and E7s as a result of that.

    Are you sure about the C in the "Ennai kaanavillaye" stanza? Is it a major feel? I find Em to be more agreeable :/

    As a side note, there is a constant piano track playing in the first stanza. Is it playing the Am chord? I keep hearing the D and B notes at times :/

    Thanks for the chords, really love this song!
  7. roentgen

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    I found this chord odd as well. The bass moves from B to C to D.
    I listened to this segment a few more times. I think its more likely a G with C as bass.
  8. WatchingYou

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    Yeah, it has got a G feel to it.

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