Req: chords for beedi jalaile - omkara

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  1. r_asnani

    r_asnani New Member

    pleeeeeese if some one could post chords for beedi jalaile-omkara
    recently seen sunidhi with an accomplice on acoustic
  2. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    Rough Progression is A|G|F|A

    Neva tried to tab out the whole song ..
  3. vampire_swami

    vampire_swami New Member

    hahaha.. i was thinkin that this was a joke thread.. lol oz it sounded like u need a beedi.. :D
  4. rajuintelli

    rajuintelli New Member

    Here r the chords for Beedi jalaile

    I have made them myself. plz give some good replies. Thakyou.

    all the chords are on the bar so the bar sounds good.

    G F
    beedi jalile jigar se piya
    A# B
    jigar main badi aag hai.
    Na gilaf naa lihaaf
    G F
    thadi hawa bhi khilaf sasuri
    A# F
    Itni sardi hai kisi ka lihaaf lai le
    B G
    jaa padosi ke chulhe se aag lai le.

    ANd the song continues in the same manner..........
  5. jay4chords

    jay4chords New Member

    helo rajuintelli can you post full song with lyrics and chords.

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