Req:Chords for Balgeet " Sasa to sasa kapus jasa"

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    Dear All please post chords for Baal geet " Sasa to sasa Kapus jassa" need for my son in school please.
  2. chimu

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    sasa to sasa ki kapus jasa tyane kaswasi paij lavili

    vege vege dhau ni dongrawar jau hi shryat re apuli

    churu churu to tururu chale ni kaswane aang halvile

    sasa jaie pudhe ni zadamage dade te kaswan halu pahiyale

    watet thamblena konashi bolena chalale lutulutu pahi sasa

    And so on ... sorry about the lyrics. .. copy pasted from some website

    Can be transposed to any scale according to the singer .... ex. line 1 could be AED / GDC / FCA# etc ...
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    Your great dude Your doing grat job thanks for chords.

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