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  1. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    hi guys... need the chords for bc sutta na mila... nice song. goooooooood lyrics... can anyone help me with this???
  2. amrutaa

    amrutaa New Member

    BC Sutta

    hey m new to IGT....neway, BC Sutta....da chords r pretty simple...take it out on ne major scale....g major or d major sounds good.
    for eg:D major
    Doston mein baitha, mein sutta pi raha
    D G A
    ch: BC Sutta, Sutta na mila (4)
    D G A
    its da same combn. everywhere.....before da 3rd verse.....theres a bridge: Bm, G and A n then back to D, G and A. nice track.....easy to play.:)
  3. ElysiaN

    ElysiaN d@Rk\/\/@|\|deReR

  4. khuddusantana

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    the song seems quite famous among delhi people .. eh ?

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