Req:Chords for Ali Khan's Saathiya

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  1. usama.anwar

    usama.anwar New Member

    Hi everyone ...I am new to this site and ofcourse to guitars too..and I need help in the basic chords for Ali Khan's song saathiya..can any one plzz help me with it..
  2. big_boss

    big_boss New Member

    i need it too

    plz some 1 could save me
  3. drsherry

    drsherry Guitarist [SEER]

    hello people me back

    well boi the chords for the main song are

    Am , G, F

    It goes like this

    Am G F
    Jaadu sa hogaya

    carry on until the chorus part
    which has C G F C


    C G F C
    Tu jo nahin tera ehsas hi to hai

    C G F Am
    Koi tuj sa nahin maine dhonda hai saara jahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    Hona na
    G F
    Hona naaaaaaaaaa Humsay judaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Am G F
  4. Welcome back Drsherry nice chords
    now that u r back pls post full chords of kaanch by somair and tahir
    waiting for them

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