REQ : Chords chords of Choro na mujhe from Rules pyaar ka superhit formula

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  1. vishal_Singh

    vishal_Singh New Member

    Dear all, did anyone try this beautyful song chhoro na mujhe yu bekarar sa from rules pyaar ka superhit formula.

    Basically this song has two version one is solo and the second is almost you can call as fast solo.

    I tried chording this out but looks like bit tough for me @ this level.
    Can anyone of you chord this out with the strumming pattern or send me the link if already posted (i tried searchig first but :-( .....)
  2. vishal_Singh

    vishal_Singh New Member

    c'mon guys !
  3. sh3b1

    sh3b1 New Member

    may be may be not!

    its a pattern of G C and D

    some what

    G C D C
    chhoro na mujhey yuun bekarar sa
    G C D C
    ker bhee dou izhaar tum apne pyar ka

    and somewhat like tha
    i'll try to post da whole song later
    u can find it onward cant yew?
  4. vishal_Singh

    vishal_Singh New Member

    thanx for the short mate..
  5. chirag45

    chirag45 New Member

    Can anyone get me this?

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