REQ:Chords And Intro For Somebody's Me by enrique......

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    Acoustic version tabs for somebody's me............
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    Capo on the first fret

    Intro: G, C (x2)
    Versus 1
    G C G
    You, Do you remember me
    C G
    Like I remember you
    C D C
    Do you spend you life going back in your mind to that time
    G C G
    Cause I, I walk the streets alone
    C G
    I hate being on my own
    And everyone can see that,
    D C D
    I really fell And I'm going through hell
    C D
    Thinking about you with somebody else
    G D
    Somebody wants you Somebody needs you
    C G
    Somebody dreams about you every single night
    G D
    Somebody can't breathe Without you it's lonely
    C G
    And somebody hopes that one day you'll see
    G D C
    That somebody's me
    That somebody's me


    E C
    You will alway be in my life Even if I'm not in your life
    G D
    Cause you're in my memory

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