req chords-alibaba by anjan dutta

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    hey ppl i m avik and i m new to this amazing community and to the guitar world too... had been listening to anjan dutta lately and was trying to play the same. mostly all the chords i did find in this amazing community but i dint find the song "ALIBABA" in this community

    so this is a req to the mavin's here in this community tht if they could give me the chords and lyrics of the song alibaba .....thankyou

    cheers :D

    SANTANU_JPAGE New Member

    You try it....

    A D /Bm E
    Naam ammar ali baba Boyosh Amar Dosh,

    A D E
    Ajke dinta.... Dibosh

    The entire song is in same progression... But the style should be varied as the song ....\Reply

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