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  1. zara_love

    zara_love New Member

    hey can anyone give me some easy playin song chords so that i can play easily,and pls give the strumming pattern of the song like DU DDU,so it wud be easy for me to play.
  2. baldeep

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    try this one.its pretty easy...........tu na ja mere badshah from khuda gawah
    tu na ja mere badshaah
    ek waade ke liye ek waada tod ke
    main waapas aaunga (twice)
    F .............................G
    ja raha hun main yahaan
    jaan apni chhod ke

    try it and tell me how u like it:)
    oh!!! and the strummin is simply D-DDD-DDD-DDD where - means u miss 1 beat
  3. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

    yeah i have the simplest song for you
    lets just hope that you've heard it
    its called "the time of your life"by greenday
    i'll post the tabs to get you started

    G C9 Dsus4
    |-------3--------------3--------------3------------3------| then it repeats, so it almost
    |----------3-------------3--------------3------------3----| sounds like it goes C9, Dsus4,
    |-------------0------------0--------------0-----2------2--| Gmodal. So, after the end of the
    |---0--------------0--------------2-----------0-----------| Dsus4 bit, go straight to the G
    |------------------------------3--------------------------| bass note.

    Em Dsus4 C9 G
    |------3------------3-------------3------------3----------| The above line gets played
    |--------3------------3-------------3------------3--------| twice, then this twice, and that's
    |----------0-----2------2-------------0------------0------| the verse. Then the line after
    |---2----------0---------------2------------0-------------| that is the chorus. Not that
    |----------------------------3----------------------------| complex, but this IS Green Day,
    |-0---------------------------------------3---------------| after all.

    Em G Em G

    Em Dsus4
    |------3---------3------| Okay, now, it's important that you go straight back into the
    |--------3---------3----| opening G of the verse, because the Dsus4 sort of leaves you
    |----------0---------2--| hanging there. Then play the first half of the verse once
    |---2----------0--------| through, then start it all over again.
    Verse 1:

    G C9 Dsus4 G
    Another turning point a ....
    G C9 Dsus4 G
    Time grabs you by the wrist ...
    Em Dsus4 C9 G
    So make the best of these ...
    Em Dsus4 C9 G
    It's not a question but a ...

    Em G Em G
    It's something unpredictable ...
    Em Dsus4 G (where verse riff cuts back in)
    I hope you have the time .... (Start struming G C Dsus4)

    Verse 2:
    G C9 Dsus4 G
    So take the photographs and ....
    G C9 Dsus4 G
    Hang it on a shelf; it ...(couldn't get this line, fix it if you know it)

    Em Dsus4 C9 G
    Tatoos and memories and ...
    Em Dsus4 C9 G
    For what it's worth it was ...

    Instrumental(Strum over Violins)
    End with Tab 1 and then |---------|
    |------0--| and end on a G
    G :320033
    C :032033
    Dsus4 :000233
    Em :022033
    It's something unpredictable in .....(Start struming G C Dsus4)

    now all you gotta do is practice each day till you get it right
    this song is prittey awsome for as simple tabs
  4. slash_i_m

    slash_i_m Laid to Rest

    guess this is the hindi tabs forum
  5. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

    oops my bad man
    i apolagize
  6. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

  7. zara_love

    zara_love New Member

    thanks guys and any more songs plz tell me ok
  8. zara_love

    zara_love New Member

    i am a greenday fan thanks man i love da song
  9. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

    no prob bro
    let me know if u want if u want ny other greenday songs
    iam a big fan myself
  10. zara_love

    zara_love New Member

    hey yea man i want wake me up when september ends chords if they r easy u can post it and plz give me any easy playin one man ok not only greenday but any other too
    like simple plan or gc

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