req: bhromor koi'o giya

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    came across Armeen Musa's version. pretty cool remix of this old folk song. anyone care to tab it? also.. and plzz plzz could someone translate the song into english? my girl, who is not bengali, asked what it meant (she reallly liked the trance) and i had to make some some bullshit story about this being a love song ... which may be correct... so anyways, help me!!

    bhromor koi'o giya
    sri krishno bichheder onole
    ongo jai joliya're, bhromor koi'o giya...

    koiyo koiyo koiyo re bhromor
    krishno're bujhaiya
    muhi radha moira jamu
    krishno hara hoiya're...bhromor koi'o giya

    agey jodi jantam're bhromor
    jaiba're chhariya
    mathar kishor du' bhag kore
    rakhitam bandhiya're...bhromor koiyo giya

    bhaibe radha romon bole
    shuno're kaliya
    nibha chilo mon'er aguun
    ki dila jalaila...bhromor koi'o giya...

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