REQ: "baba bolay galo" by ??

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  1. zhahme00

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    funny eh? but i really like this song. i can play it on the harmonica. if someone wants it i can post that (harmonica tab) here as well even though this is not a harmonica site.
  2. zhahme00

    zhahme00 New Member

    seriously, no one knows the tabs/chords to this song? surely someone knows it!! goes like

    "baba bolay galo
    ar kono din
    gan koro na

    kano bolay galo
    shayi kothati
    bolay galo na..."

    i understand it's a kiddy song and prolly everyone would rather play anjan dutta's "2441139" (one of the most over tabbed anjan dutta song.. seems like everyone starts a new thread w/ their own version) , but baba bolay galo is so cool...
  3. zhahme00

    zhahme00 New Member

    so i was just listening to some awesome Mohiner Ghoraguli ( and thinking of tabbing or requesting the chords/tabs to the song.. when i started reminiscing and playing the key of C on the 8th fret(?) and i realized that i had requested this tune a loooooong time ago.. and that i had figured it all out... here's the first part... i will post the second part tomorrow.. got homework for school to tonight. :) enjoy!!!

    baba bolay galo...

    ar kono din gaan koro-na

    kano bolay galo...

    shai kothati, bolay galo na...

    it's all in the key of C higher up on the fret.. the rest is on that key.. so play along on that key to figure it out. tabbed on classical (nylon string) guitar.

    i am a novice. accuracy of tab not guaranteed...

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