req: audio of solo of dilharey

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by axlrose250, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    can sum1 please record just the solo for dil harey i cant get it.............and can u please do it a little slow cuz the proper way was 2 fast for me 2 follow

  2. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    can sum1 please record it........ill give rep points
  3. Bleeding Guitar

    Bleeding Guitar New Member

    :) dun worry guy i'll do it as soon as i reach home .. :) nice idea for the reps points though lol
    Keep it High!
  4. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    just tell me how much u want.........
    thanks man
  5. Bleeding Guitar

    Bleeding Guitar New Member

    its not about Reps bro .. relax :) and keep trying
  6. munib

    munib New Member

    i know that ,but i dont know how to put my me
  7. acebuddy129

    acebuddy129 S¡nE® Sá¡nT

    listen to the solo a couple of times n practice,practice and practice some more. U'll figure it out. Enuf said. Now get crackin on the solo alright.
    BTW i tried recording the solo...but i just cant cm to play rite if i dont follow the original tempo ^^*

    RAKESH_GITS_FAN : <img src="

    i think some one has posted the SOLO for this song............
  9. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    ive already tried playin iti dont need the tabs of it i need sum1 2 record it for me please....please can sum1 help
  10. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    Bleeding guitar! well buddy! it'll be a great help! :) record karna.. us ke baad us ko sunna then... do tab it :-D Love ya guitar!

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