REQ: Atif Aslam'z Yunhi

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  1. Hey guys...need the chords of this song by atif aslam...its still unreleased...but there are plenty of files on the net of it...also this link on youtube for the ppl that havent heard it ... i tried to figure out the chords but not making much progress...someone help me out here !!
  2. no replies?? man i am disappointed :( .... come on...i got one chord so far lol...cannot for some reason get the second one...first one i dunno wat its called but its (X7999X) and switch to (X799*10*X)....need help with the rest.. !!!
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    dude i havent heard this song and this youtube thing doesnt works on my net....can u tell me where to get the mp3 from.....and ive even heard that there are more unreleased songs by atif available sumwhere on the net....dude it would be great if u cud find them aswell..!! CHEERS!
  4. well this is the only one that i know off...try searching ATIF ASLAM YUNHI in or on google search might find it
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    Hello, Now you can google Younhi Atif Aslam chords are available. Chords used A, D,Bm and E . Strumming pattern DDUDUD Ddu .You can also see this guy's Younhi Atif Aslam guitar lesson youtube video explaining the chords progression and strumming pattern :

    Hope that helps!
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