req: any good guitar lessons for a beginner...

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  1. changu

    changu New Member

    hey, I am a beginner and I am really looking forward to learn playing guitar, can anybody suggest me from where should I start...............
    hoping positive responses................
  2. fahim2003

    fahim2003 New Member

    well, learn two power chords E5 and A5 first.



    and A5

    in the picture, A 0 above the string means that you play it open(without holding it on any fret) and X means you dont play the string, and the string on which you see the note pressed. count the frets from the neck and hold it on your guitar.

    If you are really beginning then first Check how far are the strings from the guitar neck vertically, this is called as the action, and if it is not lower you will have an eternity learning bar chords.

    second lesson is the E major scale on guitar, if you are to play any solo you must learn a scale. so learn it.
  3. kushalkulll

    kushalkulll New Member

    hey dude even im a beginner....i mn i do play d chords pretty well n clean...but i have neva learnt dese scales n a self learnin guitarist u can say....cud u jus guide me thru wid d theories of guitarin which r relly needed n i suppose dy r extremely imp as well???wud b grtful....:)....changu m wid u man....les learn\m/

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