Req:- Ankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra by Aryans

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    any other chords for this 1(apart from the regular G,D,C) ? :)
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    HI! VINAY ,i am posting the exact chords for Aakhon mei tera hi chehra By ARYANS...
    G Em G Em G
    Aankhon mei tera hi chehra, dhadkan mei teri hi yaadein, karti hai deewana

    Am G Am G D
    hai kahan gayi vo raatein, vo mithi meethi si baatein karti thi, jo deewana

    G C G D
    mana k tum saath nahi ho, mere dil ke paas nahi ho,maine ye mana ,phir bhi

    G Em G Em G Em
    aas lagi hai dil mein ,tum aayogi mujhse milne,chupke chupke kehke dil mei
    If u want any other ARYAN's Song then rep me...:rock:
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    Ankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra by Aryans learn on guitar

    i have give the link above and used accurate chords in it .... hope you enjoy the video.
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    hi can you tell me strumming patter and the tabs for this song ankhoan mein tera he chehra

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