[req] agar tum mill jao [complete chord+tabs]

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  1. uzair

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    any one help me out! agar tummill jao [zehar] chords and tabs plz1
  2. shantanukr

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    AGAR Tum mil jao TABS

    Hi buddy, Welcome to IGT. I haven't heard the full song completely. But still have some idea of starting lines. U can try this ..


    Agar tum mil jao ...


    jamana chor denge hum ... ( X 2 )

    You can try further refering to above notes .. ihope u will get the whole song ..
  3. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    here are the chords..

    Em Bm D Em
    Agar Tum Mil Jao,Zamana Chod denge Hum (2)
    Em G D
    Tumhe Pakar zamane bhar se rishta tod denge hum
    Em Bm
    Agar tum mil jao.....

    Em G D Em
    Tumhe hum apne jismo jaan me kuch aise basa lenge (2)
    Em G D Em
    Teri khushbu apne jism ki khushbu bana lenge
    Bm D Em
    Khuda se bhi na jo toote Hm Hm Hm
    Bm D Em
    Khuda se bhi na jo toote wo rishta jod lenge hum
    Agar tum mil jao.....

    hey tell me if u like it... :think:

    vishwa :cool:
  4. chica

    chica New Member

    thnx vishwa the chords r really gud...
  5. kunalj

    kunalj New Member

    Awesome chords...
    keep it up..

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