REQ- addat (deep blue version)

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  1. hasham

    hasham New Member

    i need tabs for addat deep blue version i tried using the same tabs which were used in the orignal song but those dont sound rite so can some on post them? :beer:
    jal should sue atif aslam for using their lyrics
  2. Terror

    Terror New Member

    well hasham i think yaar that deep blue version of aadat is the same
    the thing is that this song he has loosend the srtings and has played slowly.. that`s it try and tell me......
  3. ijlal

    ijlal The B chord

    well hesham i play the deep blue version like this...its very simple...u just need to play the chords string by string like this
    note: these are barre chords...not open...

    Dm (durr jitna bhee) C( tu mujh say) Bb( pass teraay mein) C..

    the string picking pattern is something like this
    Dm( durr jitna bhee) C( tu mujh say)

    the rest of barre chords ( C Bb and then C) goes on same string picking pattern...u have to figure it out ur self...

    try it and then tell me how it works,

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