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  1. saranya08

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    Helloooo.. Can anyone explain me about power chords? For example wat D5 denotes?
  2. Sury

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    power chords

    just play D and the 5th note which is A together. In carnatic language you will play a Sa and a Pa - but basically it is a fifth away. So a D5 is D and an A played together and no other notes. It may be easier than playing a three note or four note chord. It also gives the jamming rock sound often heard in many rock/pop songs. In rock music most often played on the high strings (top ones) and with often with palm muting. Have fun.
  3. druss

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    hi im new in this site. i prchased a guitar and dont know how to play chords please gudie me if any 1 can tell me that will be wonder full
  4. druss

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    hi i am very new commer in the fileld of guitar if any 1 can suggest how to play chords and wht the meaning of power chords i will appricita repply so hope fully i will enjoy this site i wann leran guitar may be if any 1 can suggest how to start basiccaly i m havung problem in palyiying chords so please let me know the techniqe of chord playing hopefully some 1 guide me .

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