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  1. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    This is a thread for all of you to either post you queries related to recording procedures and recording techniques, or to post your own experiences and knowledge about these.
    If there is good contribution and response, I will make this thread sticky. So come on guys, and post.
  2. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    Vocal Pitch Shift plugin ki use korbo bolte paarbi? Free or otherwise ;) .
  3. sayantan_guha

    sayantan_guha New Member

    amar prothom proshno :

    outside noise jeta shadharonoto recordinge eshe thake otake na anar jonno ki kora uchit ??

    hiss removal and hum removal dile recording quality hamper kore

    2nd question

    multi track recordinge jodi ami ekta sound khali left kinba right channel e ante chai...tahole ki korte hobe ??
  4. tanmoy

    tanmoy New Member

    which software do u use???
    audacity is a quite good free software for recording
    it has all the plug-ins(u r talkin' abt) already built-in and u can have many other plugins in d net
  5. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    most recording softwares have one built in, and that is usually good enough. if you want something more advanced, you can try Antares Auto-Tune, which is mainly a pitch corrector, but can also function as a shifter.


    this is a very large domain. i'll give you a gist.
    first of all, make sure you have the quietest environment possible and the best microphone you can lay your hands on. if you are using power-driven effects or processors, make sure the power source is properly grounded. use spike eliminators for good measure.
    after the recording, there are certain ways you can eliminate noise. look at your EQ, you will find certain settings lke AC Hum Removal, Pop and Click Filter, Hiss Eliminator etc. Use the presets, or better still, fiddle with the EQ yourself and see which setting reduces the noise best.
    As an alternative, you can use the various noise reductions plugins, some of which are bundled with the major audio recording softwares.
    to bring a track to either the left or right channel, use the pan option. it is usually a slider or knob which is a the center (zero) position. turning/sliding it to the extreme ends will pan the track hard left or hard right.
  6. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    Sayan, Thanks!! Melodyne aache, but plugin hishebe Nuendo-te open korle, audio file-ta nichhe naa. Maane just Melodyne-er window-ta khule boshey thakchhe with no workable material.

    Sayantan, the best way to remove noise to eliminate it while recording. Otherwise however good a plugin or software you use for noise removal, there is bound to be a loss in audio signal. If it is noise in the vocal, or mics recording you are concerned about, then get a unidirectional mic and record in the quietest posssible environment possible. Might want to build yourself a portable vocal booth. And follow Sayan's advice. Happy Recording :beer: .

    Tanmoy, I find Reaper better than Audacity among the free ones.

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