recorded yakeen of jalpari , love this song

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  1. rakeshjosh

    rakeshjosh New Member

    hii , guys after a break i recorded this song "yakeen" from jalpari sung inevitably by ATIF ASLAM (his voicee is tooo gud) , N i luv the lyrics of this song . SO i tried To do it my way , though it was jus a try as this song really inspired me to record it , BUt ur valuable comments are very precious for me , n i alwys welcome them , so plz guys/gals on IGT , have a look n let me know wat u think

    heres the link

    LUV u all ,
    take care ,
    IGT ROckzzz
  2. radicalz_adi

    radicalz_adi New Member

    no dude is this ur version of the song if yes its not gud and plzzzz practice vocals guitarin tooo cuz nothins gud wen u sing a cover and if ur imitatin someone its shud be perfect that means perfect in terms of rythm and instrumets whereas if ur takin out yr own version of cover it shud be gud to ears
  3. rakeshjosh

    rakeshjosh New Member


    thnx for ur comment , but i don think i was totally outta rhythm , but still i will not say i was perfect ,N ya i never try to copy anyone , n tats what i did here , i jus liked the feel of song , so tried to do it my way , neways watever , it is thanks for taking ur time , n ur comments .

    take care all,
  4. rakeshjosh

    rakeshjosh New Member


    hey people at IGT plzz waiting for ur comments

    take care
    IGT ROCKzz
  5. not good rakesh... u can sing but need were out of rythm.. just dont copy atif... you have got a nice voice.. so use it... and sing it loud with rythm... even guitaring wasnt good.. played with fingers?
    reps coming.. hoping that next time u will come up with a good cover.. rock on..
  6. DJCrunkMix

    DJCrunkMix Get crunked up!

    i think his voice is good... i havent heard the original can't say anything. i applaud for his efforts... good job!
  7. rakeshjosh

    rakeshjosh New Member


    @DjCrunchmix thnx for the encouragement but i know the scope of immprovement is quite large , thnx for ur valuable comments .

    @Devilshly_Pur$first of all thnx for taking ur time n comments , second ya u got it right i was playing the rhythm with fingers n not the plactrum ,But still i was not able to figure out whether i was totally outta rhythm , may be iam wrong , i will recheck tat , neways thnx again :)

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