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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by varmas11, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. varmas11

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    hello fellow indians,

    i have gotten to a point where cheap computer recordings or once in a while good recordings on a friend's mixers are not gonna cut it. i just need my own gear, but unfortunately i have no idea how to start or any decent information on home recording. i do know that a few of my friends have decent mixing boards which produce pretty decent recordings if done right and i think that kind of quality would be pretty straight for what i'm trying to do. i'm not tryin to get studio quality or like cd material but a real great way of multi-tracking and getting a solid, honest sound of what my songs or improvs sound like. i probably have around a 400-500 budget but will go lower or higher depending on the relative opportunity-cost. i'm not looking for state of the art nor am i looking for cheap dog****. if you fellow brother experts of recording and technology could help me out, i would really appreciate it. just all the info and help you guys have. and where to buy stuff, mics, all that stuff.

    much love,
  2. varmas11

    varmas11 New Member

    please help... jesus
    i'm for real
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    theres one age im looking for to help answer your question but even the most basic recording equipment usually ends up costing 3000-4000. wat i suggest is that u get a good soundcard for ur pc and download some software - ill look for that website and get back to u.

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