Reason for not giving strumming patterns along with the chords?

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  1. jeets23

    jeets23 New Member

    I have just started playing guitar. I have gone through many website in search of strumming patterns for the hindi songs.
    Every where what i could find out is either the tab or the chords.
    Is there any specific reason for not giving the strumming patterns for the song?
    If not then why don’t do we give the strumming patterns along with the chords?
    I would appreciate if any one can let me know where can i find the strumming patterns for the given songs.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. notty_lad

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    Strumming pattern is usually not given .. bcoz its difficult to put it in TEXT (like DUDUD) .. Whats important is the Timing of strokes .. for example If I say DUDUD .. I can make out atleast 5 different strumming patterns by changin the timing ..
  3. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

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    you wouldnt find any website in which strumming pattern would be mentioned..however here u can ask for it but as he said you wouldnt get the timing! u need to help urself! give urself some time..listen to the song and try to make out or make do with/the strumming which comes in ur mind
  4. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    My 2 cents...

    Start playing out the exact chords transition you have to pick a strumming pattern that can fill that time perfectly. Either you can use simple 4 beats down stroks or can embellished using triplets or fourlets.
  5. jeets23

    jeets23 New Member

    Easy and known strumming patterns + chords ???

    Can any one would like to take the pain to give me few easy strumming patterns for the hindi songs?
    I am a beginner so plz help me out playing some easy hindi songs.(Strumming pattern + Chords). If possible let me know if you have recorded the song as well.So that by hearing your number i could motivate to play the song.
  6. valentino600

    valentino600 Raj Aryan

    dude go to there are many good songs there...and most of them are unplugged....listen to the song 100 times and you will get the strumming pattern...if you try to memorise them with the up down up down thing ...its not possible...din work for me the best way out is to listen to those unplugged versions and pick up the strumming pattern will take some time but u should pick it up eventually...i am a begginer too and thats how i learnd strummin...
  7. jeets23

    jeets23 New Member

    Okay thanks guys for you suggestion. i will certainly check out that site.
  8. jimmy_page

    jimmy_page New Member

    how do i find the acoustic files on soundclick for hindi songs....all i ever found there were english songs
  9. prax

    prax New Member

    Yep, strumming is the most important aspect and if timings are little altered, songs sounds like a cacophony (instead of euphony). The way I am learning is to strum first three strings E, A and D with down stroke. Call it "1". Similarly strum the lower three G, B and e with down stroke. Call it "2". If you strum the "2" with upstroke we call it "3".
    So now we have a very basic strumming pattern. It sounds little different but I have become habitual of it that I' am learning songs in these patterns (rather numbers) only.(the way I am being taught..!)
    Like "Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hain.." will fall in 1323. Try it and you'll agree.
    Similarly, "Chura liya hai.." will be with 132-123.("-" indicates a little pause)
    You see it all boils down to timing. E.g. "Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha" has the same strumming pattern as "Ajeeb Dastaan hain yeh" and "Kisi ki muskurahaton pe". (in later case you try to mute the strings when you strum "2")
    But before you tune yourself to finding out strumming, this will help a lot. Atleast it did to me. After some time when your wrist become free enough to glide the plectron on those "Six Strings", you can experiment a lot with strumming. May be then you'll no longer think of strumming pattern. You will hum the rhythm and try to reproduce the same on guitar. That is how I am learning.
    Idea is to keep trying. More the frustration, better the result. (..provided one doesn't give up)

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