Really Dark Sounding Scale for Black Metal / Death Metal

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    There's this Raaga in Carnatic called Maaya Maalava Gowla (MMG) which is the first Raaga that any kid learning Carnatic will do. Of late I tried playing some stuffs and we tried some Black Metal kinda progression along with my Drummer and Keyboardist. The Raaga is really evil sounding. Check it out...
    I will show you in the key of A

    Scale: A, Bb, C#, D, E, F, G#, A (B is Flattened and C, G Sharpened)

    Comapre this scale with a Major Scale..

    A Major = A B C# D E F# G# A
    A MMG = A Bb C# D E F G# A

    So A MMG is a Major Scale with Flattened 2nd and Flattened 6th.

    Notice the Major 7th ( G# ), Root ( A ) and Minor 2nd ( Bb ) all lying Chromatically. The feel of Minor 2nd along with Major 7th on both sides of the Root gives it the Evilest Feel of all. It also has a very wild and Gloomy Feel to it.

    Another Good thing about this is the Root, Perfect 4th and Perfect 5th intervals are intact like a Major Scale. So which means even if you have a 12 Bar Blues Progression like a Blues in A, you can try this for a real exotic feel.
    Or even mix it with a regular Minor Pentatonic that you;d use.

    But I'd prefer to change the progression to highlight the best of this scale. The best of this scale is the Major 7th, Root and the Minor 2nd lined up a Chromatic. So I'd prefer to use these chords for sure. Check out these chords based on this Scale...

    A Major = A C# E
    Bb Major = Bb D F
    C# Minor = C# E G#
    D Minor = D F A
    E Add#11 = E G# Bb
    F Augmented = F A C#
    G#sus2b5 = G# Bb D

    G#sus2b5 might kinda sound dissonant but goes extremely well with the feel of the scale...

    Whatever be the progression, make sure you include the chords G#, A and Bb. The three chords in chromatic gives the extremely dark feel for the scale..

    Sample Progression:

    / A Bb A G# / A Bb A G# / D C# D C# / A Bb D C# /

    Ofcourse it's not a friendly sounding progression. But look at title of the thread.

    Have Fun...And Feedbacks Please :)
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    Eh! atleast gimme some recognition for re-introducing it.
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    What :annoyed: :annoyed: :annoyed:

    Nobody's interested in a good scale..:annoyed: :annoyed:
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    hey ronnie

    i had to post after reading ur stuff.....its a strange coincidence that im using this particular scale these days. i however didnt know the name of the raga. anyway that dont matter, lotsa things in indian classical overlap those in western.

    i rem the scale this way: 2b, 6b.

    i howver dont think its that evil sounding or something, its got more of an arabian/spanish feel to it. and by the way, theres a gypsy/flamenco kinda of instrumental that paul gilbert came up with. he used this exact scale.
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    Even Marty Friedman uses this pretty often.
  6. kaiser

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    the dick dale miserlou song featured in pulp fiction (when the titles roll),
    also uses this scale.
  7. ronnieanand

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    Dude, check out the minor 2nd and the major 7th note which makes a three note chromatic as part of the scale. This scale can sound the evilest of all, if you know how to exploit this chromatic thing...Use that sample progression I gave and then try playing the chord tones to begin with.

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