Read my agony.

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    here is a poem in reply to all ur posts regarding the other poems.

    I wonder If thou really do know,
    What my eyes behold and what my
    heart holds in itself......
    Care to read my agony,fellow human?

    Till past I have always laid
    in the pit of death, running far from
    those that are even farther.The life,
    what life it is I cannot fathom.

    But it was my own self that crushed me,
    brought me down, even unto my knees,
    never to rise again..........
    never to feel love again.

    Then, once in the cold breeze of death,
    I heard a distant plea, my self stopped me,
    but my heart.....hah it was still the same.
    Then I decided what I had to do....

    I rose out of the pit, I grasped my sword once more.
    To grow and excel in my knowledge and
    understanding.......through which I survive and
    stand before u my friend, and the completion of my
    long ignored task is still left.......

    Feel my agony, my fellow human?.....Feel my agony?....

    Listening is every man's fortune but believing is...
    thine alone......


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