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  1. supersujit

    supersujit New Member

    Hi Everyboddy,
    Is anybody having the chords for the great song Gazab ka hain din frm great movie QSQT ? Please:eek:...............i m waiting...!!!!
  2. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    I will try to find it, havent seen it anywhere...actually i have never heard it either....:confused:
  3. Zeus

    Zeus New Member

    Even i want this, anyone got?:confused:
  4. Loverboy

    Loverboy New Member

    hey guys,
    sorry for very early reply. actually i was just goin through all the old records of this site, i found this one. here are the chords for this beautiful song.

    (G)gajab ka hai din dekho (Am)jara
    (G)ye deewanapan socho (Am)jara
    (C)hum hain akele,(D) tum ho akele
    (C)majja aa (D)raha hai
    (C)kasam (D)se,(C)kasam (D)se.....

    (G)dekh lo hum ko (Bm)kareeb se
    (C)aaj hum milein hain (G)naseeb se
    (G)ye dil, hum (G)jawaan aur ye (D)mausam fir (G)kahan

    if there is any correction plz let me know.
    thanks! :rock:

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