Rana Hassan - the "Fastest Guitarist"

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by aeg0, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

  2. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Fastest in pakistan?
  3. momin04

    momin04 New Member

    i can bet hez not d fastest
  4. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    i dont know, it just said "fastest". did u see the video?
  5. momin04

    momin04 New Member

    lol faraz anwer maR gyA haY KIYaa...............
    ........ya Phir is ranaYy naY mar diYa haY... :D
  6. momin04

    momin04 New Member

    Yup Abhi abhi Dekhi Hay.......
  7. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Yes. He's really talented but to be terribly honest, i dont enjoy superfast guitarring. I cant hear 44 notes per second or something like that.
  8. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    That didn't seem like 22 notes. Vry fast indeed, fastest also possible, but surely not 22 notes.
  9. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    ^^^Someone call Guiness records>:RollLol: theyll find out wheter its 22 notes in 55 MILIseconds>
  10. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    fast yes... but it didnt sound too nice... speed isnt everything
    i think its way more than 55 miliseconds
  11. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member

    well..that guy is fast but aint clear at all..its very difficult to make out the 22 notes...also ..no way that 50 mili secs !!!!!
    malmsteen has hit 44 nps in a song ....joe sat has played 36 nps ... now if you really want to know how fast that is ..listen to any of john petrucci's solos..inlcudin the runs he does ...he touches only like 26 !!!!!
  12. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b>

    wayy more than half a second...
  13. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    i juss sawed da vdo ....its impossible 22 notes in 50 mili sec.......well i think faraz anwer is da fastest in pak
  14. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    hmm not bad:p:
  15. khuram82

    khuram82 ......:mad:........

    well yes n no to faraz anwar being the fastest guitarist.............yes - coz he is the fastest among the mainstream bands in pak at the moment...................no - coz i know few underground guitarists in karachi who play alot faster than faraz anwar........... n yes speed is not everything........but well i was jus talkin about this speed at this point of time..........
  16. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    He did 3 attempts in the vdo... first one in which he had some wierd and screwed up slides in the end lasted bout 1.5secs. The sencond one wuz bout 1.35 and so wuz the 3rd one...
  17. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    i havent seen the video...but yaar...this seems to be impossible.:think:..
    i have doubts about that 46 nps thing as well....which song is that???
  18. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    well i personally know this guy..and yes he is too fast..whn he plays i cant see his fingers properly..he had many offers from the western bands. plays excelent the country style music on the acoustic.fun to listen....khair kafi speed marta hai..or kafi skills be hain is banday kay pass...per koi faida nahi hai ..speed is one thing. the main thing is the MELODY..
  19. Aka Oz

    Aka Oz /\K/\ - Ozy

    welllllll da main thing 22 notes in half a second imposible........jimmi hendrix cant ply it to :>
  20. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    ur right. if jimi couldnt do it, i guess no one else on earth can. ever.

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