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    here is the intro for Raja Raja Chozhan...more on the way...


    Points to note:

    a) Use your imagination to play the lead. The best way is to play along with the song to get the timing for the song and also to develop your own style for the song.

    b) The notes below are just the main notes for the song and i play the song using pull off's and slides which makes the song more fun to play with. Also try using string bending at notes (u shoudl experiment with it).

    c) I would recommend use of an effects pedal(s) or atleast a minimum of overdrive to get some additional sustain into the notes.

    d) THE TAB IS ON TWO STRINGS (no's 1 (E) and 2 (B))..you can also play by moving down octaves which sounds really kewl when you play along with the song. Experiment with that

    f) I havent tabbed the interludes

    g) the use of -> means slide forward and <- means pull off.

    Song: Raja Raja Chozhan

    Intro Guitar Piece


  2. ananth222

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    Good job. But I see some small corrections: The song is in Cm, you are playing it half note lower.
    There is also a small correction in the tab.

    Right before the intro, try this: hold the Cm barre chord at 3rd fret (335543 from top)
    strum last 3 strings 4 times, and then strike the 4th string then 5th then 6th in that order,
    holding the same Cm chord - this gives the riff right at the start before the intro lead.

    The intro is given below:
    The numbers in brackets indicates the music that is not actually played on the guitar in the song,
    but you can play it on guitar.
    The first interlude:
    The second interlude:

    PS: Try enclosing ur tabs in [c0de] and [/c0de] tags ("code" instead of "c0de"), so that they don't get skewed. The default font is not equal width, so the tabs may not appear properly.
  3. jackdaws

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    hey ananth,

    thanks a lot man...ur tab is real kewl...i agree...actually the version i have put has additional notes which are not part of the intro lead (and i play this with distortion pedal in the full scream mode, it sounds real good to me)...my guitar tuning seems have gone off the rocker ;) ...neways great job...keep posting..the interludes are real kewl...so wont bother posting em...and how did u get the tabs into this neat format...i write my tabs out in notepad and then just paste it into the text here...thanks man
  4. ananth222

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    Thanx dude
    I make it in notepad too. But you need to put the "code" tags before and after ur tabs to get that format. type "code" within square brackets [] before your tab and "/code" within square brackets after ur tab. Then you will get it in this format. (Use "preview post" to check if everything has turned out alright)
    And keep the tabs coming!
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    PLease any one send the chords for this song.

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    Hi ananth222, why dont you post this as a lesson on wholenote so that we can listen and learn it will be of great help.
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    Can someone please post a power tab or guitar pro file of this??? Please? Its my dad's 50th birthday on the 13th and he loves this song. I desperately want to learn this for him.

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