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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by shriworld4u, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. shriworld4u

    shriworld4u New Member

    hey ppl in delhi.. Plz help me urgently.. I am planning to get an electric guitar ibanez grg170dx from RAJ MUSICALS, DELHI.. One of my relative is going to delhi and i will be asking him to get the guitar for me as it is not available at any place near where i live.. He doesnt know about guitars.. So can I rely upon raj musicals that they'll give a good guitar,. They have a shipping facility as well.. So i dont think there should be any problem.. Anyone who has bought guitars from Raj Musicals.. Plz reply urgently as i will have to tell him tmrw itself.. Waiting.. Thnx!
  2. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    i havnt bot a guitar from raj...but i bot my processor n amp from them...they seem reliable....but one should personally check the guitar b4 buying it...however if thats not possible, i guess they also give u the option to change the guitar within 4-5 days( do confirm though).

    another thing to consider is that, they arent very skilled in fixing guitars specially floating bridges ( as compared to bhargavas n onstage)..so dont rely on them for fixing ur guitar in the future(specially adjusting the floating bridge)

    but the plus point is their price...they offer the best price...n u can always bargain there.
  3. shriworld4u

    shriworld4u New Member

    @Arnie.. Thanks a lot arnie..!
    Yeah their prices are so low.. Thats why I was suspicious.. It sounded fishy.. Any thing particular that I should ask my relative to check before buying it.. He has zero knowledge about guitars..
    Yeah i know this guitar has a tremolo problem.. But i will not fix it now.. I dont use make much use of whammy bar..so i hope it should stay in tune for long.. If its giving me problems..ill do it later.. Thnx!
  4. arnie_t8

    arnie_t8 New Member

    things to check are...fret buzz, action of the strings, if the fretboard is smooth or not.

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