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    wrapped up tight in my cozy blanket
    sipping on the aroma of my favorite coffee
    peeping out of the window soaked in tiny water droplets
    i wondered what it would be like..
    to be the glass..to be the window pane
    braving the rain
    what would it be like to to step out without cover
    to drop your guard against the cold wind..

    so dewy eyed i sat sipping my coffee
    while a part of me stepped out with tentative steps
    a tear trickled out of my eyes..reliving some memories..
    while her eyes sparkled with the new found joy
    a tiny smile lit up my face while she laughed carefree..
    the warmth of the blanket comforted me
    while she ran around in the chill
    the taste of coffee warmed up her body
    while the rain drops kissed hers all over
    the senile cheerless adult sipped on
    while she danced and lived in the rain..

    thoughts danced around my mind
    tickling my soul..
    was it for me to live?
    was she i who braved
    or was this me in the blanket..

    droplets kept on falling on the ground..
    tapped my window..
    in the hope that ill let them in .i guess..
    maybe it was time i did..

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