raghu pati raghav raja ram.....tabs

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  1. manish_cool

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    Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram

    Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram
    …D…G G G..G G G …… A G F E E F A A C B C

    Pati ta pawan sita ram
    A A# A G F E F A G

    Sita ram ……….. sita ram
    B B B B B A G B C B C

    Bhaj Pyare tuu sita ram
    AA CC D D D# D CC A# A G

    Ishwar Allah tero naam
    B B B B A G B C B C

    Sabko Sanmati de bhagwan
    A A C C D D D # D CC A# A G
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    Not able to figure out the chords and not getting any idea where to change it. I also feel the chords in some places do not fit the song. Please someone share the accurate chords?

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