Rage Of Angels

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  1. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    I was very tempted to post a poem here..unfortunately I can't come up with new poems so I thought I'd post some old ones from my blog at IGT..
    This one is RoA written in 2 parts and I hope its good...though not one of my favourites I really wanted to post something here :)

    Rage Of Angels

    You left me
    With more than just
    a broken heart
    I said nothing then
    I let the tears drown in the ocean
    the darkness has spread since then
    into the depths of my heart
    I've been scarred
    by the rage of angels
    This soul no longer loves
    and its all for vengeance..of your betrayal
    What I've become is something beyond hatred
    love for me is like an eternal deathbed
    But I won't let your memories haunt my days
    Even then I wished you a goodbye with all my heart
    But I now know true love is too good to last
    A darker me embraces this fact
    As I let go the shadows of my past...

    Rage of Angels: Aftermath

    This darkened heart
    has been forged in hatred
    this hug has lost its warmth
    and sensitivity is almost dead.
    I don't blame you..
    I actually smile a smile of wicked mirth..
    and thank you deep inside for this rebirth.
    The irony of this world..
    Now there's a girl crying in front of me
    A place where I used to be.
    I don't care even the slightest
    Love comes and goes
    just like the river..that steadily flows..
    She keeps weeping..barely able to speak..
    And all thats audible is a "Why?"
    The simplicity of the word
    Shatters my world
    I've turned myself into what I despited once
    And I realized that my first love
    Was like a forbidden curse that was cast..
    And I would forever be in the darkness
    Of the shadows of my past..
  2. #iR@



    u DIDNT like this poem?!!!!! i mean it wasnt one of ur fav?!!!! :shock:
    *bangs her head in the wall*

    the second part of this poem was :nw:

    and SINCE u luv ppl prasing u (everyones does:p) so i'll just tell u YET again k u rite reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy well! :) i think i'll stop riting from now on cause ma poems seem so WEIRD wid wat u/everyone rites...:eek::
  3. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    Yeah well you know I didn't like it as a poem..its very fact like esp. part 1...plus it was on a slightly darker note.but looking at you comment,I'm reconsidering it now!!:)
    Bangs her head??lmao....

    Ooh..thanks a lot..yeah..the poem isn''t that good without part 2!!
    Yes I love people praising me :p: hahaha...
    Thanks a lot..reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!:)

    Whoa??!!You should know your writings are really inspiring..and I'm not just saying that...and they're definitely NOT WEIRD:shock:
  4. #iR@



    no problem...

    ...shutting up now....
  5. ~Bish

    ~Bish The Illusionist

    i liked the second part.. but if the lines r true.. i will just say dat.. some ppl don't deserve the love we keep im our hearts for them.. the tears.. the feelings r all void.. better not 2 waste them on those ppl.. life is beautiful..
  6. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    i dont understand ... u mix the genders ...u seem to be a girl some times..many times
    then aftermath....care to explain ?
  7. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    That isn't a word. Maybe you meant 'despised' or 'detested'

    As for the poems, well written, but I'm too bored of such themes so.. meh.
  8. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    @cryptic_angel: hahaha..yeah thats despised...lol..sorry...
    Hmmm..yeah,I have become monotonous for a while...and I can imagine this theme being already used many times..I did feel that Aftermath was a bit different but then maybe you read a lot of poems or maybe the theme is indeed typical....I definitely must thank you for reading...at least it was well written...

    @madhuresh : haha..no I just sound like a girl at times :p...it was written from a male point of view..I must ask though..can you specify the lines where you found gender confusion???Maybe you assumed pt.1 to be a girl and hence you got confused...

    @Bish...so much for anonymity eh???
    No..this is definitely not my love story...purely fictional...

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