Rafi Saab songs

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  1. abygailann

    abygailann Member

    Can anyone post the chords for these songs

    i. Na ja kahin ab na ja dil kesiva
    ii. Jawadha kiya woh nibane padega

    Thanx in advance.................
  2. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    I was trying na ja kahi ab na ja this afternoon.. this is something like
    Na ja kahi .. Dil ke siwa
    Hai yahi dil .. mere dost
    Stanza also have same chords..
    for rythem just play very fast down stroke in 6/8 beat

    Second one I have seen on IGT before.. please search..
  3. abygailann

    abygailann Member

    thanks buddy...............

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