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  1. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Hey Frnds This is my second post here .. i think last one is not Good. but dis time i tryd realy hard.. .plz do comment..

    Hope u like it... [:D]

    Movie : Race

    Tab type : Theme

    Created By : --> YOGI <--


  2. devil.spirits

    devil.spirits New Member

    good yaar!!
  3. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Thnx Buddy..
    so r u a guitar player..??
  4. vats20jeetu

    vats20jeetu New Member

    hey realy good
  5. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Thnx.... ... frnd
  6. harsheel2k

    harsheel2k New Member

    thanx dude but try making the lead of the title track it is in e-scale
  7. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Olrite thnx.. for da Guidence.. ;)
  8. sanatmishra1

    sanatmishra1 New Member


    Really good effort!Thnx DUDE!
  9. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Really thnx yaar.

    tht kind of support encourage ppl to work more n hard.. thnxxx
  10. dixit_abh10

    dixit_abh10 New Member

    vvvvvvvvvvvv gggggggggoooooooooooodddddddddddd yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. ynagre

    ynagre New Member


    O Thnx Dear for Yor's support.. ;)
  12. ynagre

    ynagre New Member

    Can anyone tell me...

    the whole songs tab n chords plz
  13. abhinavbagri

    abhinavbagri New Member

    hey good job
  14. Abhinav2107

    Abhinav2107 New Member

    nice job :)
  15. force93

    force93 New Member

    hmm how can i listen this song?
  16. charon.ukiza

    charon.ukiza New Member

    nice one man

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