Rabindrasangeet - Tumi rabe nirobe

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  1. mr_prince

    mr_prince New Member

    Hi....this is my first post here...i have tried to tab "Tumi rabe nirobe" ......hope you'll like it..

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  2. debslab

    debslab New Member

    great piece of work, specially second verse
  3. mr_prince

    mr_prince New Member

    thanks .....
  4. meet_sush

    meet_sush New Member

    Please could I get this note in my mailing address...sushmita20_2000@yahoo.com
  5. Bhaskar1

    Bhaskar1 New Member

    the file open with only guiter pro software.
    are amer kacha software ta nei....
  6. debslab

    debslab New Member

    PDF version of Tumi Robe Nirobe

    This is pdf of the GP file, hope everyone can open it

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