Rabbi-Tere bin chords

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    Hi, this is my first post. We already have chords done for Bulla ki jaana..here are the chords for the second song on the album..Tere bin..its pretty simple..sounds great and plays great..

    E A
    Tere bin sanu sohnia

    B E
    Koi hor nahio labna

    Jo dave ruh nu sakun

    B E
    Chukke jo nakhra mera

    Ve main sare ghum ke vekheya

    Amrika, Roos, Malayasia

    Na kite vi koi farq se

    A E
    Har kise di koi shart si

    Koi mangda mera si sama

    Koi honda surat te fida

    Koi mangda meri si wafa

    Na koi mangda meriyan balan

    And repeat over….
  2. Gaurrav

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    The chords seem to have moved closer. I dont know how the spacing works. They appear right in the box than comes up when you move the pointer over the thread...
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    use the code tags..

    or use dots betwn the chords.. like

    nyays nice effrt although it might hav been postd b4.. not sure though..

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